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Project Clean Stream gathers 80 tons of trash in Maryland

  • By Karl Blankenship on May 01, 2008
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More than 2,600 volunteers gathered 80 tons of trash from 102 streamside sites throughout Maryland as part of the annual Project Clean Stream cleanup that took place April 5.

Those numbers will grow as final results are tallied from what was the largest cleanup effort in the project's 30-year history.

"Volunteers for Project Clean Stream help to make local streams and shorelines safer, cleaner and more beautiful," said Kate Dowling, who manages the project for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. "These types of restorative projects help educate volunteers and participants on the effects of human activity on the environment and local waterways."

Among the items found were an LP, a container of lead paint, wigs, a toilet, a $1 bill, two credit cards, a toaster, three sinks, a Mariah Carey poster, more than a dozen bicycles and many tires.

Project Clean Stream, which is supported by the Chesapeake Bay Trust, is an annual April stream cleanup that takes place in Central and Eastern Maryland. Its 2009 cleanup is slated for the first Saturday in April.








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