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Moon Match

  • By Kathleen Gaskell on February 01, 2010
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Although it may look like the moon is changing its shape, what is really changing is the surface of the moon lit by the Sun that can be seen from Earth. Can you match up these words and numbers about the Moon with their descriptions?

Blue Moon
Full Moon
New Moon

A. Moon's ranking in the top 10 satellites in our solar system.

B. Number of days it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth

C. In November 2009, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration found proof that this exists on the moon.

D. This describes the Moon after a New Moon, when the size of its lit-up area increases before reaching its Full Moon phase.

E. This word means hump-backed or swelling and is used to describe the Moon when its lit-up area is larger than a Half Moon but smaller than a Full Moon.

F. This is when the side of the Moon facing the Earth is fully lit up.

G. This is when the side of the Moon lit up by the Sun is facing away from the Earth and the Moon cannot be seen in the sky with the naked eye.

H. This is the number of times that the surface of the Earth is greater than that of the Moon.

I. This describes the Moon after a Full Moon, when its lit-up area decreases before reaching its Full Moon phase.

A. This is what many people call the second Full Moon in one month. It was originally used to describe the second Full Moon that appeared in a solstice or season.


A. 5
B. 27.3
C. Water
D. Waxing
E. Gibbous
F. Full Moon
G. New Moon
H. 10
I. Waning
J. Blue Moon

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