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District to celebrate 11th Street Bridge progress with Saturday event

  • By Whitney Pipkin on September 06, 2013
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The 11th Street Bridge spans the Anacostia River. (Photos provided by DDOT.) Construction on the 11th Street Bridge. (Photos provided by DDOT.) A panoramic view of the bridge. (Photos provided by DDOT.)

The District of Columbia  Department of Transportation will wrap up the first phase of its largest project underway — a new, $390 million 11th Street Bridge that spans the Anacostia River — with an all-day celebration on the bridge this Saturday.

Festivities are from noon to 3 p.m. and include a fitness demonstration, a parade led by Mayor Vincent Gray and booths about programs in and along the Anacostia. The DC Roller Derby Girls and Washington Nationals Racing Presidents will be making an appearance, along with marching bands and cheerleaders from local high schools. Community members have hailed the bridge as an accomplishment that will allow them to connect with neighbors across the water (and alleviate traffic for those just passing through).

The project, a second phase of which will be completed in 2015, is replacing two bridges built in the 1960s with three new bridges intended to improve both local and freeway traffic.

The project also includes a 14-foot-wide pedestrian and bicycle path that connects to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Drainage and water quality investments were also part of the work, which began in 2009.

Saturday’s event will celebrate the full opening of the new local bridge portion of the broader 11th Street Bridge Project and will honor a fallen Metropolitan Police Officer, Kevin J. Welsh. Details about the event are available here. Read more about the expansive bridge project here.

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