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Chat about #SeafoodFraud with @Oceana

  • By Whitney Pipkin on April 01, 2015
What kind of crab are you getting in your Maryland-style crab cake? Oceana report says it could be from Indonesia.  (Dave Harp / Chesapeake Bay Journal)

Shocked to find out that so many of our regional crab cakes are mislabeled and don't actually contain blue crabmeat? Ask Oceana, the nonprofit that put out the latest report, about its latest report on the subject during a live Twitter chat about #SeafoodFraud today at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

The @chesbayjournal will be involved. If you don't already follow us on Twitter, now's a great time to start! 

During the hour, @Oceana will pose five questions and attendees are encouraged to answer with their feedback and opinions using the hashtag #SeafoodFraud. Not sure how a Twitter chat works? Here are some examples. Use "A1" in your response to "Q1":

Sample question: Q1. What is #SeafoodFraud?
Sample answer: A1. #SeafoodFraud is anything that misrepresents the product you purchase.

@Oceana experts, including senior campaign director @BethLowell, will also be live-tweeting to answer any questions that attendees have about #SeafoodFraud.

After the chat, @Oceana will post a recap featuring the key discussion points as well as attendee feedback. Below is a list of the main discussion topics. And be sure to read @whitneypipkin's story about the report before participating. 

Q1. How extensive is #SeafoodFraud and why is it a problem?
Q2. Why should people care about #SeafoodFraud?
Q3. What are the local impacts of #SeafoodFraud?
Q4. What’s needed to stop #SeafoodFraud?
Q5. What can consumers do to protect themselves from #SeafoodFraud?

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