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  • By Kathleen Gaskell on March 01, 2008
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If some of these questions leave you stumped, read the Bay Naturalist column about Bobcats, which discusses all of the points brought up here.

1. Why is a bobcats called a bobcat?

A. It was discovered by the explorer, Bob Robertson.
B. Its head bobs up and down while chasing prey.
C. It has a stubby or "bobbed" tail.
D. The name, kittycat, was already taken.

2. How much does the "average" adult bobcat weigh?

A. Less than 10 pounds
B. 10-15 pounds
C. 15-20 pounds
D. 20-25 pounds

3. Why are bobcats able to see so well at night?

A. Their eyes have a layer that reflects light.
B. When wide open, their slit-shaped pupils let in more light than round pupils.
C. Their eyes have many light-sensitive rods.
D. All of the above.

4. Bobcats eat all of the creatures listed here. Which creature does it eat more often than the others?

A. Frogs
B. Insects
C. Rabbits
D. Raccoons

5. Why is it so hard to see bobcats?

A. They are very rare and endangered.
B. They mostly come when it is dark.
C. They spend almost all of their time hiding in caves.
D. Actually, it's not that difficult to see bobcats.

6. Which is true?

A. Bobcats are a protected species in all states
B. Bobcats are hunted in all states
C. Bobcats are protected in some states and hunted in others.

Solution to Bobcats!

1. C 2. C 3. D 4. C. 5. B 6. C

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