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Green roofs help to curb polluted runoff, especially if space is limited

When Rick Seavey first told municipal officials in Lancaster, PA, that he planned to install a green roof, they thought he was talking about paint color.

That was a decade ago, before affixing water-absorbing membranes and plants to the tops of buildings became a popular solution for businesses looking to absorb stormwater runoff from new construction. And the 16,000-square-foot green roof Seavey planned to build as CEO of the National Novelty Brush Co. would be the first for the South Central Pennsylvania city and the surrounding county of the same name.

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A little bit of effort goes a long way for prairie warbler

Old Bradley Road in Wicomico County, MD, is like hundreds of other rural roads in the Chesapeake watershed. It’s just a few miles long, runs between farms and forest and is dotted with an occasional house. You can...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 08/03/17

Blackwater’s future may not be so dark after marsh is complete

Even a rudimentary search on Twitter for trending stories about Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Dorchester County, MD, conveys the striking duality of the place. On one hand, there are majestic pictures of bright...
Danielle Prieur | Forum 08/16/17

Into the woods: Diversity of Tizzle Flats casts its spell on hikers

High on the ridge of Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountain, I hunkered down to examine some toadstools when my eyes caught a series of regular hatch marks etched into the tree trunk just above me — the kind of marks...
William H. Funk | Bay Journeys Article 08/09/17
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