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Anacostia Park, once planned as an urban oasis, still more of a mirage

Just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, begins a swath of riverfront green space about 1.5 times the size of Central Park. Here, a short walk from homes that sell for more than half a million dollars each, geese outnumber people. The river is quiet, with scarcely a boat in sight. On a clear day, a visitor can see into the windows of the gleaming new condos rising on the other shore.

Anacostia Park was supposed to be an urban oasis, a city escape that would feature a swimming lake, Tivoli-style gardens, pleasure boating and fishing. Yet, nearly 100 years after the federal government established it on the city’s northeast side, Anacostia Park remains a place yet to reach its potential.

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Celebrate 100 years of bird conservation by helping migratory species

May is an explosive month. As the landscape greens up and trees and flowers blossom, there is an explosion of worms, spiders and insects. And right on their heels are migratory birds — species that travel from one...
Kathy Reshetiloff | Bay Naturalist 05/19/16

Let’s drink to brewery’s plans to help restore the Chesapeake

Brewers can be anchors in the community — think neighborhood pub — and influential, connected parts of our local and regional culture. Besides the social qualities, breweries are also significant contributors to...
Al Todd | ACB Briefs 05/25/16

Tolerance took root in St. Mary’s City

Historic St. Mary’s City, an archeological and heritage center at the site of Maryland’s first capital, features an extensive collection of American Indian artifacts, true-to-the-time replicas and re-enactors in...
Rona Kobell | Bay Journeys Article 05/20/16
A Documentary Inspired by William W. Warner’s 1976 Exploration of Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.

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Chesapeake Bay Week on MPT

The Bay Journal is a partner in the second Chesapeake Bay Summit, a discussion about key issues in the Bay restoration hosted by Maryland Public Television during Chesapeake Bay Week. This year, the Summit aired on April 27 and focused on the challenges of growth and development. Watch it here, and read the following articles related to the 2015 Summit:

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