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Trump’s EPA nominee vows to enforce Bay pollution diet

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pledged Wednesday to enforce the Chesapeake Bay “pollution diet,” even saying it should be “commended and celebrated” despite his earlier participation in a lawsuit challenging it.

In a Senate hearing to confirm his nomination as the EPA administrator, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt praised the way in which the federal regulatory agency had worked with the Bay watershed’s states to develop a plan that set binding pollution reduction targets for improving the Chesapeake’s water quality. He brushed aside his earlier objections to the EPA’s role in developing that plan, and vowed to see that it is carried out.

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Bay’s elusive bobcats are more likely to be heard than seen

Few Americans have seen the shy and elusive bobcat (Lynx rufus). And yours truly is no exception. Though the most widely distributed wild cat in North America, the bobcat is not commonly seen as it is mostly nocturnal and...
Kathy Reshetiloff | Bay Naturalist 01/13/17

Did acceleration of building ditches dig the grave for Blackwater’s marshes?

“Don’t stand up while we’re moving. If we come to a sudden stop, we could lose you.” Ray Paterra, visitor services manager of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, had just given us lifejackets,...
Phillip Hesser | Forum 01/10/17

Spot waterfowl from a warm car at Merkle sanctuary

Nothing says winter like a V-shaped formation of Canada geese winging across a steely sky, their honking carried on a chilly breeze. Cold weather brings tens of thousands of geese, migratory ducks and other waterfowl to the...
Timothy B. Wheeler | Bay Journeys Article 01/18/17
Chesapeake College’s new Agriculture AAS is a two-year degree debuting in Fall 2016.
Wholesale reclamation and wetland seed supplier.
A Documentary Inspired by William W. Warner’s 1976 Exploration of Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Week on MPT

The Bay Journal is a partner in the second Chesapeake Bay Summit, a discussion about key issues in the Bay restoration hosted by Maryland Public Television during Chesapeake Bay Week. This year, the Summit aired on April 27 and focused on the challenges of growth and development. Watch it here, and read the following articles related to the 2015 Summit:

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