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Water quality monitoring shows some long-term improvements fading away

While the Bay region has seen a long-term decline in nutrients in many areas since 1985, those trends have leveled off in recent years — and improvements for phosphorus have largely halted — according to recent water quality monitoring data.

The data, released by the U.S. Geological Survey, largely confirm findings in other recent reports which have generally shown a decline in nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in many rivers since 1985, but less improvement during the most recent 10 years.

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  • Karl Blankenship
  • Pollution

May an unforgettable book like this never have to be written again

“Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation” By Dan Fagin Bantam Books, New York. 2013. Every few years, a science or environmental book comes along that’s so well-written that it not only reaches a...
Rona Kobell | Book Review 01/26/15

Achieving stewardship goal is essential to Chesapeake cleanup

I have written in the past about my personal belief in the power of citizen action. This is a core element of the Alliance mission and brings strength to our many partnerships, and efforts are under way to create a regional...
Al Todd | Message from the Alliance 01/20/15

Arboretum offers triple treat for those willing to brave the cold

Yes, it’s cold outside, and the signs are clear — wildlife moves south and people move indoors. But Julianna Pax keeps heading for the woods. Pax has been leading hikes at Adkins Arboretum near Ridgely, Md.,...
Lara Lutz | Article 01/27/15

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