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Proposed gas pipeline in VA called a threat to resources, economy

The last slide in Nancy Sorrells’ presentation about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline shows Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” split from top to bottom by a jagged tear — a graphic challenge to assertions by pipeline builder Dominion Transmission, Inc. that the pipeline will be “invisible once in place.”

Sorrells is one of the outspoken opponents of the $5 billion, 550-mile, 42-inch diameter pipeline for transporting natural gas from West Virginia. Though the pipeline would be trenched in and covered over, the project would leave visible a 100-foot cleared right-of-way cutting through forests, and public and private lands.

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Clever American crow appeals to the bird in each of us

The shade of the gazebo provided a modicum of relief during one of our countless hot and humid summer days. A wood duck hen and her chicks drifted idly on the lake, apparently as sapped of energy as we were. The stillness...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 07/06/15

EPA needs to act on states’ inability to reach nutrient goals

Since 2010, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has applauded the transparency, accountability and consequences built into the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint. But like any three-legged stool, take one leg away and it falls....
William C. Baker | Forum 07/13/15

Dragonfly devotees

Dragonflies, like most insects that appear aplenty in the summer, flourish where there’s plenty of water, sun and perches for resting their wings. But, unlike the season’s other crop of insects that bite or...
Whitney Pipkin | Article 07/20/15

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