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Some watermen using ‘skipjack’ loophole to dramatically increase oyster catch

When the Maryland Department of Natural Resources began getting calls from watermen seeking to register skipjacks for oystering, they were excited that an old way of life was coming back to Maryland waters.

But that’s not the case. They’re actually taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to simply put a mast on a motorized boat and thereby qualify for the increased harvests allowed for skipjacks.

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Skunk cabbage, jack-in-pulpit spring up to remind us warm days are ahead

As a child, I loved to romp in the swampy woods near my neighborhood. During winter, my friends and I would fearlessly traverse icy streams and frozen mud, taking shortcuts to favorite destinations like the local reservoir....
Kathy Reshetiloff | Bay Naturalist 02/23/15

Conservation burial lets you restore a landscape long after you are gone

Life’s still good, but death’s just become more interesting. I always figured on cremation — modest expense, no concrete, bronze and embalming chemicals in the earth; friends and family would enjoy...
Tom Horton | Chesapeake Born 02/24/15

Arboretum offers triple treat for those willing to brave the cold

Yes, it’s cold outside, and the signs are clear — wildlife moves south and people move indoors. But Julianna Pax keeps heading for the woods. Pax has been leading hikes at Adkins Arboretum near Ridgely, Md.,...
Lara Lutz | Article 01/27/15

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How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests   by Stephen Nash
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