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Oyster restoration at Harris Creek showing real promise

Hidden under the surface of Maryland’s Harris Creek is what looks like — at least for now — one of the Bay’s greatest successes. It is, unfortunately, one that hardly anyone can see.

Work completed through the end of last year restored 188.6 acres of oyster reef habitat on the bottom of the Choptank River tributary, most of it in places more than 6 feet deep.

That’s already made it more than twice the size of any sanctuary-based oyster restoration previously undertaken around the Bay. Yet another 85 acres of new reef construction is under contract — some is already under way — for this year.

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Rein in the Rain!

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring stormwater runoff. With a little effort and planning, though, those flowers can help to stem runoff when planted in a rain garden. It is estimated that a rain garden...
Kathleen Gaskell | Chesapeake Challenge 04/13/14

Core sediments reveal when a wetter Bay was wildly healthier

It’s common knowledge that the healthy Chesapeake Bay described by John Smith in 1608 was greener, its forest extending across more than 90 percent of its six-state watershed. Less appreciated is how much soggier,...
Tom Horton | Chesapeake Born 04/13/14

Upper James Water Trail

At the request of their guide, John Mays of Twin River Outfitters, the paddlers pulled over to a scrap of beach on the James River just below a short cobble-strewn rapid. Across the river, a floodplain abutted the steep...
Leslie Middleton | Bay Journeys Article 04/12/14

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