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Report recommends helping farmers to keep cows out of streams

The Chesapeake Bay watershed includes 3.5 million livestock, among them beef and dairy cows, swine, horses, goats and sheep. More than half of those are cattle, which too often can be found standing in streams.

Cattle and streams are not a good combination. The cattle erode the stream banks, contributing to sediment loads. They defecate in the water, adding unwanted nitrogen and phosphorus and high bacteria counts. In return, the streams can harm the cattle. Cattle become susceptible to warts, foot rot, lameness and various pathogens that rodents carry. They can also drown, costing farmers thousands of dollars and much heartache.

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Long migration makes red knots hungry for horseshoe crab eggs

The rufa red knot (Calidris canutus rufa) is one of the longest distance migrants in the animal kingdom. On a wingspan of 20 inches, the bird flies more than 18,000 miles each year between breeding grounds and wintering...
Kathy Reshetiloff | On the Wing 05/26/15

MD’s shellfish plan for helping oysters increases harvest on 1% that are left

Maryland’s Gov. Larry Hogan says he will be good to the Chesapeake Bay. He says he will be good to Chesapeake Bay watermen, too. He will find this a difficult balancing act. He faces hard decisions on the oyster, a...
Tom Horton | Chesapeake Born 05/26/15

All aboard! Travel down the James’ history

As river trail maps and smartphone apps continue to pop up around the Chesapeake, the river atlases produced by the Virginia Canals and Navigations Society at first glance seem anachronistic. But what makes these atlases...
Leslie Middleton | Article 05/12/15

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