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Oil sheen on Potomac near DC under investigation

Federal, state and local authorities are investigating an oil sheen first reported Wednesday that at one time covered an 8-mile stretch of the Potomac River just south of Washington, D.C.

The oil sheen does not pose a health threat at this time, but responders are on the lookout for wildlife that may have been affected, said Lt. David Ruhlig, incident management chief at Coast Guard Sector Baltimore, which covers Maryland and the Washington region. Eighteen oil-coated Canada geese recovered from a riverside wildlife pond in Arlington, Va. are being treated, said Ruhlig.

The sheen may be the result of oily runoff from snow melting in the region, but agencies are still investigating that possibility while moving to contain and treat oil found coming from an outfall near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, said Ruhlig.

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Chill out this winter – but not too much!

Hypothermia isn’t cool! If your body loses heat faster than it can produce it for a prolonged period, vital organs and the nervous system start to malfunction. If symptoms are allowed to go too far, death will result....
Kathleen Gaskell | Chesapeake Challenge 01/19/16

The long and short view of Chesapeake Bay’s inhabited islands

A few autumns ago, I took the students in my Chesapeake Bay class at Salisbury University to Smith Island to discuss how rising seas, accelerated by a warming climate, will threaten such low-lying communities before the end...
Tom Horton | Chesapeake Born 01/26/16

Hoover slept here; FDR slept there

The stress of being president has driven our nation’s leaders to places of privacy and renewal since the earliest days of the nation — and in many cases, these places have been in the woods, or by fields and...
Leslie Middleton | Bay Journeys Article 01/26/16

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