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Successful sign-ups for stream fencing leave Virginia looking for funds

The focus among conservationists in Virginia is shifting from getting the word out about the full funding that’s available for two years to fence livestock out of streams to ensuring that money is availabe to follow through on the promise.

Jack Frye, Virginia director of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, said that was one of the takeaways from a meeting that got stakeholders together last month to discuss the stream exclusion program and provide examples to farmers still considering enrollment.

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Dog Days

Ever heard the phrase, “the dog days” of summer and wondered what it meant? In the time of the ancient Greek and Romans, dog days referred to the time of the year when the star Sirius (or Dog Star) — the...
Kathleen Gaskell | Bay Buddies 07/20/14

Setting the Record Straight on Waters of the US

There’s been some confusion about EPA’s proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule under the Clean Water Act, especially in the agriculture community, and we want to make sure you know the facts. We know...
Nancy Stoner | Forum 07/20/14

Rappahannock River Valley

Visitors to the Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge may experience this linear refuge in any number of ways, depending upon who — or what — they are. For some, the refuge represents outdoors...
Leslie Middleton | Bay Journeys Article 07/12/14

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